How much does it cost to drive an electric vehicle in New Brunswick?

At eCharge Network charging stations, the cost to charge at a 240-V charge station is either an hourly fee of $1.50 an hour or a session fee of $3.00.

In New Brunswick, annual fuel costs for a battery electric vehicle is approximately $570 in electricity while a plug-in hybrid costs $180 in electricity plus $450 in gas, compared to over $2,000 in gas costs for a compact car. These costs are based on travelling 20,000 km per year. Actual savings will depend on the model of car and driving patterns of the driver.

In general, fully electric cars cost about one-sixth as much to 'fuel' using electricity, compared to a gas car. Electric cars also require less maintenance. They don't need spark plugs, oil changes, transmission fluid, mufflers or exhaust pipes.